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Lunch Supervision

Kensington School offers a Lunchtime Supervision Program for students. For those using the service, we hire lunch supervisors at a cost to the school. Lunch supervision fees help to cover the costs of these supervisors. Fees for the 2017-2018 will be posted as soon as they are availabe.

Students bring their own lunch and normally eat in their own classrooms. Appropriate and respectful behaviour is expected of all students, as outlined in the Kensington School Lunchtime Expectations. Unless they have provided the office with a signed note of permission from their parents, lunch students are never allowed to leave the school grounds during the lunch hour.

Payment Options
Several payment options are available. Please check with the office for a Lunchtime Supervision Service Contract, and information on the option that will best suit you and your family.

Occasional Use


Special Needs Students

Special needs students are exempt from paying lunch supervision fees. The school receives a grant to cover the lunch program expenses for these students for the school year.

Carlisle Area

Students who live in the designated receiving area of Carlisle are exempt from paying lunch supervision fees.The Carlisle neighbourhood extends from 127 Street to Castledowns Road and from 137 Avenue north to approximately 144 Avenue. One exception is the small area from 118 Street to Castledowns Road, where the boundary extends to 142 Avenue only. Please phone the school to confirm that your home address is in the Carlisle neighbourhood.