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Entering Kindergarten

Entering kindergarten is an exciting time for every child. It is a time for new discoveries and challenges as your child makes the transition from home to school. Both parents and teachers want this transition to be as smooth as possible.

At Kensington School we offer parents a choice to register their child in either a regular Kindergarten program or in the Logos Christian program. In the Logos program, students are taught the curriculum within a Christian context and Christian values are taught. There is prayer, Bible stories and chapel time as well.

Kindergarten is your child’s first experience with school. We believe that young children learn best through structured play. Children are naturally curious and eager to learn. They are active learners who learn through a variety of means. Songs, movement, and hands-on activities are important learning tools. We also believe that children develop at individual rates and therefore need activities to match their own developmental levels.

Most importantly, kindergarten is an introduction to school. Children need to have fun and develop a vision of themselves as capable learners responsible for their own actions. At the end of kindergarten your child will be familiar with school routines, and they will have developed basic numeracy and literacy skills. The teaching of reading and writing includes whole-language and phonics activities. Your child will also practice social skills and be able to take care of him or herself (i.e. zip up their own coat, put their shoes on the correct feet).

We hope to make your child’s first year of school an exciting and memorable one!